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Guidance on Amateur Radio training and assessments (Foundation, Standard or Advanced) from Steve VK3VM / VK3SIR as an Assessor (based in Warrnambool, Victoria) should be directed to vk3vm @

There are no ego-based motives or clubs pushed - although ARV (resources) and ALARA (Ladies and families) are supported. My aim is to develop, support and grow numerically ethical, community-minded Amateurs Operators.

  • FOUNDATION - Use the Foundation Manual; guidance from an experienced trainer is essential.
  • STANDARD AND ADVANCED - Use the Radio and Electronics School Resources as a study base. The "Swainston" text is useful for questions and diagrams but too advanced for most. Avoid RSGB & ARRL Handbooks until Advanced licensed.
  • On-air experience and good practical skills (fault finding, making antennas) is mandatory for ADVANCED candidates.
  • Holding a STANDARD licence before attempting ADVANCED assessment is highly recommended.
  • No question is stupid - yet lots of myths exist. Ask an Assessor or competent Amateur if you need assistance.
Do not hesitate contacting me should you think I can assist via the University of Tasmania (AMC).

Questions regarding AR licensing should be directed to the University of Tasmania (AMC) or ACMA

Warrnambool Hamfest : 27/12/2021 - St Pius X Function Hall, 78 Morris Road Warrnambool

Updated 05/12/2021